I had the pleasure of presenting to Lazar Middle School’s Computer Club with STEMFuture’s eSafety and cybersecurity workshop curriculum. This workshop’s curriculum was centered around staying safe online and in the rapidly growing world of technology that we live in. We jumped right into the curriculum material, which covered a wide variety of topics including malware, the Internet of Things, creating strong passwords, spotting and avoiding phishing emails, being responsible online, and more! Of course, we reinforced the important concepts that we had just learned by participating in some STEMFuture original interactive activities that go with the curriculum. The students were super engaged – they contributed many times by sharing anecdotes, asking questions, and expressing how useful they thought the material was. Every single one of the students claimed that they felt more educated about online safety because the material that STEMFuture taught them was so relevant that they could apply it in their lives even from the minute they exited their classrooms. It was a lot of fun teaching this energetic and awesome group!

To having a safe and secure future of STEM,

Shuba Prasadh

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