I went to Knollwood Elementary School and presented about computer science to the wonderful students of Mrs. Seib’s 5th grade class with STEMFuture’s elementary school computer science workshop curriculum. The group was so energetic; I really enjoyed presenting! At the end of the presentation, we all did a Scratch activity and created our own animated birthday cards, introducing the students to the fundamentals, logic, and fun of programming! Here at STEMFuture, we believe that it is never too early to become immersed in STEM – and these elementary school students are living exemplars of that!

“The presentation went great! The kids enjoyed learning about coding. They especially liked the website from MIT where they got to create a birthday card that had animations and sound!” – Kristina Seib (5th grade teacher at Knollwood Elementary School)

“You just gave me a new idea of what I want to be when I grow up” – 5th grade girl that I presented to that day

 I don’t know if the 5th girl realized how much those words impacted me. They resonated with me; I realized – this is why we do what we do at STEMFuture: to inspire.

To being one step closer to a STEM Future,

Shuba Prasadh

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