“Shuba created an informative and fun presentation to spread her love of computer science to my Middle School Computer Club students. It isn’t always easy to keep the attention of a room full of Middle School students, especially at the end of a school day, but Shuba’s energy and passion for the subject keep students tuned in the topic. Shuba introduced my students to the idea that their tech passion can become more than a hobby, it came become a career that they love. At the end of her presentation, Shuba rewarded the club with a coding demonstration! My students left for the bus psyched that they had written first lines of code, and eager to continue their coding journey.”

– Caitlin Cardinale, Computer Club Advisor at Lazar Middle School

“Shuba’s presentation to my 8th-grade students was a great success. She is a natural speaker and has a very nice way about her when sharing her knowledge with students. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Computer Science and it shows. Her mini lesson was fun and when she was done students were genuinely excited about possibly pursuing CS in High School.”

Brigid Mekita, Computer Science Teacher at Central Middle School

“You just gave me a new idea of what I want to do when I grow up!”

– A young girl at one of Founder Shuba Prasadh’s technology workshops

“Shuba organized and presented the E-Safety Night for Parents and Kids at the Parsippany Library. I can not say enough good things about her. She was prepared, friendly and truly a natural speaker. Her passion to expand STEM education shines through in her dedication to STEMFuture.”

– Kerrie Jones, Library/Teen Specialist at Parsippany Library

“The presentation was enjoyable to the students because it combining listening to new information with using a website to apply what was being taught. The students are very engaged by anything related to technology. It was wonderful for them to learn about what drives the programs and games they use every day. It developed an interest in coding that I believe many students will continue to pursue.”

– Christine Vittorio, Teacher at Knollwood Elementary School

“The presentation went great! The kids enjoyed learning about coding. They especially liked the website from MIT where they got to create a birthday card that had animations and sound!”

Kristina Seib, Teacher at Knollwood Elementary School