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why eSafety?

Technology and the Internet are currently two of the most important parts of our lives. Nearly every member of today’s youth population grew up in a world that was immersed in the tech revolution, yet few are taught to actually stay safe in the rapidly growing tech world.

This is a problem.

While tech and the internet are awesome in most ways, they can also open doors to some not so great things when its users don’t know how to use them safely. It is for this reason that children. and even adults, everywhere should be taught eSafety – the basics of staying safe online – because it is not only an interesting topic that concerns something relevant to all of us, but it is also a crucial life skill in today’s world.

STEMFuture’s eSafety curriculum:

STEMFuture offers a unique and engaging Cybersecurity and eSafety workshop. We carefully developed the curriculum for this workshop to cover a wide range of topics, from malware to the Internet of Things to avoiding phishing scams. The workshop is 1 hour long and it was designed so that students and participants can walk away after that 1 hour equipped with skills that they could employ immediately in their daily lives. 

Skills learned:

malware, antivirus software, Internet of Things, creating/remembering strong passwords, spotting/avoiding phishing scams, avoiding suspicious links, being responsible online

Elementary School

online workshop



online workshop

High School and Beyond

online workshop

Curriculum on Cyberbullying – Courtesy of a STEMFuture partner organization: CyberSensibility

Skills learned:

general information about cyberbullying, including what cyberbullying is, who it usually affects, where it normally occurs, the mental effects of cyberbullying, a comparison of teasing and bullying, and steps to be taken if a student witnesses bullying of any form

If you’re interested in finding more incredible, informational curriculum about cyberbullying and its prevention, head over to CyberSensibility’s website:


Cyberbullying 101


Bullying vs. Teasing


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