I presented to the incredible 8th grade students of Mrs. Mekita’s computers class at Central Middle School with STEMFuture’s middle school computer science workshop curriculum. I was particularly excited about presenting to this group because I knew that as 8th graders, they would have to start deciding what activities they would be dedicating their time to in high school. Of course, I wanted to make sure at least a few of them would choose the computer science path – as it has impacted me so positively in high school. I presented about how CS is important, useful, and how we need to change its “reputation” regarding what genders/races/whatever other unnecessary divisions between people prevent from pursuing it. The answer is simple – I told them – EVERYONE can pursue computer science. I found some students – especially the girls in the room – nodding their head in agreement with what I had to say. I was so excited to be pushing forward in diversifying STEM at my STEMFuture workshop.

To being one step closer to a STEM Future,

Shuba Prasadh

“Shuba’s presentation to my 8th-grade students was a great success. She is a natural speaker and has a very nice way about her when sharing her knowledge with students. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Computer Science and it shows. Her mini lesson was fun and when she was done students were genuinely excited about possibly pursuing CS in High School.” – Brigid Mekita (computers teacher at Central Middle School)

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