NOTICE: In-person workshops and events will no longer occur until further notice/until it is safe to have them again.

Aside from our online curriculum, Tech-1-2-3 workshop, and STEM/eSafety resources, we offer a number of events such as different workshops, family STEM nights (with topics such as the importance of STEM and online safety), local library events, school events, and more.

We have developed the curriculum for two workshops: computer science and online safety. Both workshops are offered in three levels: elementary, middle, and high school. Both workshops require a presenter, a screen for projection, and technology devices for the learners.

Our computer science (CS) workshop has a unique curriculum with two parts: the first part is our unique introduction to the subject, covering what computer science is, why it is important, statistics about CS, why the field needs to be diversified, and how CS is so much more than just 0s and 1s, or just typing code. We show how it is a way of thinking, a field that is extremely powerful when combined with other fields (an interdisciplinary  approach), and how it can be used to solve world problems. The second part of the workshop is an interactive introduction to programming/coding. We make sure to emphasize how computer science is essentially logic + coding, showing how thinking logically is half of the game. We then move on to cover, variables, loops, print statements, and more basics in a choice of two languages: Scratch or Python. We believe that hands-on learning is most powerful; students will then type their own programs in Python/create their own games or animations in Scratch.

Our online safety (eSafety) workshop ensures that learners will leave with essential knowledge that they can begin using immediately to stay safe in the online world. This workshop covers why online safety is important, cybersecurity vocab such as malware and firewalls, the Internet of Things, how to create strong passwords, how to spot and avoid phishing scams, and being careful about posting online. We integrate fun interactive activities – such as games – into the curriculum to make sure that learners can really engage in the material.

Although we have created a full curriculum for two workshops, we are extremely flexible in terms of what we teach. If you are interested in conducting a workshop with any STEM topic, please contact us to see if we would be interested in doing it and developing curriculum for it.

Interested in a workshop?

If you are interested having us conduct a workshop, please contact us for more information on the curriculum and possible dates for setting one up.

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