STEMFuture’s Impact Chapters

STEMFuture’s Impact Chapters are designed to help bring our mission and outreach to your local community. Although we have several resources online so that anyone interested in STEM can learn remotely, we believe that the most immersive and engaging learning happens in person. Because of this, we created our Impact Chapters – chapters that are designed to bring our mission to your community. Impact Chapters can serve a variety of different functions, and they are led by selected Impact Chapter Leaders (applications to be one in your community are now open! Scroll below to apply). Since our mission is to spread STEM education, our chapters help do this through a number of ways – and we provide workshop curriculum/presentations that are necessary! For example, some initiatives that our current Chapter Leaders are planning are hosting community STEM nights, spreading more tech literacy to inner city areas, partnering with local youth clubs and teaching technology workshops, talking to their school districts and local libraries to implement more STEM initiatives, and more!

If you want to be an Impact Chapter Leader and bring STEMFuture’s mission to your community, apply below!

Application is at the bottom of the page!

STEMFuture Impact Chapters

Lana Verschage

Rochester, New York

Initiatives planning/implemented: Utilizing a Mobil Tech Van with laptops to go into inner city schools, libraries, and community centers to teach programming, hosting tech days at her university to teach programming, hosting a Girls Soaring in STEM Fair for girls to see hands on demos taught by undergraduate and graduate female students that can be future role models

Ayesha Sultana

New York, New York

Initiatives planning/implemented: working with youth clubs to teach STEMFuture workshops or present about STEMFuture, working with libraries and schools to organize STEM day/coding day events, organizing a local town STEM night, spreading our mission on social media, working with local volunteering clubs to implement local STEM initiatives

Avni Garg

Vienna, Virginia

Initiatives planning/implemented: hosting a STEM Night, teaching and leading STEM Clubs after school, holding workshops in local libraries to educate the older generation about how to use technology

Jun Lee

Salisbury, Maryland

Initiatives planning/implemented: bringing STEMFuture’s workshops, events, and curriculum to the youth of his city, working with his city council to do so

Vincent Omondi

Nairobi, Kenya

Initiatives planning/implemented: working with libraries/schools to organize a local STEM Day, starting a STEM club at his school using STEMFuture resources, working with local youth clubs to spread our STEM curriculum

JayLynn Cross

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Initiatives planning/implemented: coding workshops, week long STEM camps



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