April 2020 Update

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Hello STEMFuture community, To begin, we hope that you are all safe and well during this tough time. As for STEMFuture, we have been assessing how to move forward with future programming for this initiative. We have decided that STEMFuture will move fully online for the time being. The decision to move fully online means [...]

New Innovation Curriculum Topic – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Hello STEMFuture learners! I hope you enjoyed Innovation’s big data and NLP curricula, because out next Innovation topic is here: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Here is the introduction: Up until recently, the idea of “giving” machines intelligence sounded like something straight out of an old science fiction novel. Well that seemingly borderline fantastical idea [...]

AspireIT Program

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Hello STEMFuture readers, My name is Shuba Prasadh and I am the founder of STEMFuture. I wanted to share with you a really cool initiative that I have been working on for the past 10 months. In June 2018, I applied for a grant from the National Center for Women in Information Technology's (NCWIT's) [...]

Partnership with JerseySTEM!

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Hello everyone! We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with JerseySTEM. Here is a little bit about them: JerseySTEM is a network of parents, professionals, students and educators whose goal is to promote excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (“STEM”) education. We are dedicated to partnering with local schools and other organizations [...]

Partnership with the Congressional App Challenge!

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Hello STEMFuture Community! Founder Shuba Prasadh here with some exciting news: STEMFuture is an official partner of the Congressional App Challenge. The Congressional App Challenge is a public effort to encourage kids to learn how to code through annual district-wide competitions hosted by Members of Congress. They aim to inspire, include, and innovate. In the first 3 [...]

Workshop at Lazar Middle School

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I had the pleasure of presenting to Lazar Middle School’s Computer Club with STEMFuture's eSafety and cybersecurity workshop curriculum. This workshop's curriculum was centered around staying safe online and in the rapidly growing world of technology that we live in. We jumped right into the curriculum material, which covered a wide variety of topics including [...]