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Shuba Prasadh


Shuba Prasadh is a junior in high school who is extremely passionate about STEM, computer science, and empowering Generation Z. She began her career in STEM as early as in middle school. Since then, she has independently gained knowledge in coding languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, MIT AppInventor, and Scratch, and she has even began to explore topics like big data, bioinformatics, eSafety, machine learning, and cancer biology. Aside from continuing to learn more about STEM on her own, she spreads computer science, eSafety, and STEM education in her community by reaching out to local schools and teaching workshops with an original curriculum that she has developed as part of STEMFuture. Shuba realized that her STEM outreach efforts were really impactful, so she developed an online self-guided and self-paced curriculum for everybody who is interested in STEM/technology known as Tech-1-2-3. She is spreading Tech-1-2-3 far and wide through partnering with school districts and other organizations. She also designed and created the STEMFuture website, and she created all of the other content/curriculum for STEMFuture, including Innovation and the resources. For her outreach efforts, she has been recognized by the National Center for Women in Information Technology. Shuba is also the founder of GenerationZeal (, an organization whose mission is to empower and connect GenerationZ by helping them find and pursue their passions and providing them inspiration.

Shuba hopes to spread STEMFuture’s mission far and wide, as she believes that STEM can change lives; she is speaking from experience!

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